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Activities to be offered at Port Bell Academy


Short Term Computer Program

From the opening of the Center, the computer program of this section is delivered according to the following 2 groups:


JUNIOR (5- 13 years old)

  • Primary

  • Middle School

SENIOR (+ de 14 years old)

  • Beginner

    • High school student

    • Students & Young Professionals

    • Adults

  • User

    • High school student

    • Students & Young Professionals

    • Adults


The learner will have to master the computer tool, the tablets, the microphones, the Internet tool, the Office pack, the Programming (adapted to the different ages)

Join the Team

You could be one of our Teacher, or mentor for the young girls in Port Bell Academy.

Do  not hesitate to ask for more informations


Long Term Computer Program - Computer Engineering Program

To the extent possible, we envision this distributed training section as follows:

LOW LEVEL  (Bac +2) 


HIGH  LEVEL (Bac + 4 ou 5)

Wif courses like Programmation, Web Applications, Etc.



Leadership - Ethic - Soft  and professional skills - Sporting activities

The following courses will be delivered :

Business and entrepreneurship

Training and Guidance

On the Job training

Foreign languages




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